U.N. Security Council ‘outraged’ by intensifying attacks against civilians in Syria

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Geneva – Amid intensifying violence in Syria’s Aleppo, the U.N. Security Council expressed Friday its “outrage” at the increasing numbers of civilian casualties in Syria, according to a U.N. press release.

“The members of the Security Council expressed their deep concern at the continued high level of violence in Syria and condemned all violence directed against civilians and civilian infrastructure, including medical facilities,” U.N. officials said.

On Friday, John Ging, Operations Director of the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), briefed Council members of the Security Council about the recent violence that hit several Syrian cities, including Aleppo.

“Shelling and aerial bombardment, such as the use of barrel bombs, have reportedly been used extensively in recent days, leaving many dead and injured civilians, including children,” Ging said. 

The Council’s statement recalled that all obligations under international humanitarian law must be respected in all circumstances by all parties, in particular “the obligation to distinguish between civilian populations and combatants, and the prohibition against indiscriminate attacks, and attacks against civilians and civilian objects.”

The United Nations’ Security Council also condemned terrorist attacks by militants of ISIS and Syria’s Qaeda branch Nusra Front against civilians, demanding the conflicting parties to put an end to the conflict. 

The Syrian war claimed lives of more than 230,000 people since its outbreak in 2011, according to U.N. figures. 


Reporting by: Lorin Silo 

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