After losing Tel Abyad, ISIS fights back north Raqqa

Kurdish men cleaning streets of Tel Abyad after regaining the city from ISIS. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Tel Abyad, Syria – Kurdish fighters of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) clashed with militants of Islamic State (IS/ISIS) in the eastern countryside of Tel Abyad city, north of Syria’s Raqqa, YPG-linked sources reported on Tuesday. 

The Kurdish forces have recently liberated Tel Abyad city from IS extremists –who have been in control over the city for nearly two years. 

In the village of Sharqi, east of Tel Abyad, a number of IS militants took a primary school building and some residential houses as strongholds. Subsequently, YPG fighters attacked the IS-held locations, which led to clashes between both sides. 

At least ten IS militants were killed during the clashes, and two Kurdish fighters were hardly injured, according to a YPG source. 

“The clashes led to the injury of four civilians in the village, who were transferred to the border crossing, but the Turkish authorities prevented them from entering Turkey for treatment,” a local aid worker told ARA News on Tuesday.

Speaking to ARA News in Tel Abyad, a YPG fighter who participated in Sharqi clashes said that some ten IS militants were killed.

“Those are IS-inked sleeper cells in the area. The terrorist group tries to compensate its losses in Tel Abyad, but our forces are prepared for further advance in the battle for Raqqa province,” he said.  

“They have infiltrated from Turkey to the village, which is located next to the border,” the fighter added.

After Kurdish forces regained Tel Abyad from IS, the radical group infiltrated into Kobane to the west, killing more than 220 Kurdish civilians in what activists called “a revenge attack”. 


Reporting by: Redwan Bizar      

Source: ARA News

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