Assad celebrates Eid amid mounting death toll in Syria

President Bashar al-Assad (L) greeting Syrian Muslim clerics upon his arrival at Al-Hamad mosque in Damascus to attend the Eid al-Fitr prayer on July 17, 2015. (SANA)

ARA News

Damascus, Syria –On Friday, dozens of civilians have been killed in separate attacks in northern Syria, marring what is supposed to be the first day of Eid al-Fitr, a festive holiday for Muslims in the country and worldwide. 

Syrian regime’s warplanes dropped barrel bombs on the town of al-Bab in Aleppo province, killing at least five people and injuring ten other, local sources reported on Friday.

The attack comes a day after a bombardment campaign by pro-Assad army forces in al-Bab that left at least 11 people dead. 

In Idlib province, pro-Assad air forces hit the village of Maarat Masrin with barrel bombs, killing 17 civilians. Another barrel bomb attack claimed lives of 12 civilians in the village of Ourm al-Joz. 

Meanwhile, head of the Syrian regime President Bashar al-Assad performed Eid prayers at a mosque in Damascus, with the participation of religious figures.

State agency of SANA reported that Assad “was accompanied by high-ranking officials from the Baath] party and from the state”.

“The mosque’s imam, Sheikh Mohammad Sharif al-Sawaf, prayed to God to save Syria, its leader, its army and its people, and to bring victory against its enemies,” SANA said.

The agency released pictures of smiling Assad surrounded by religious figures after performing Eid prayers. 


Reporting by: Laila Majdalawi 


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