U.S.-led coalition hits ISIS’ headquarters

Airstrikes hit ISIS-held areas near Mosul, northwestern Iraq. File photo

ARA News 

Damascus, Syria – U.S. and allies have continued Saturday to attack Islamic State radical group (IS/ISIL) in Syria and Iraq, officials from the Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve reported. 

In Syria, fighter jets of the U.S.-led international coalition targeted ISIL extremists with eight strikes.

“Near Hasakah, five airstrikes struck two ISIL large tactical units and two small tactical units, and destroyed two ISIL fighting positions and an armored vehicle,” coalition’s central command said in a statement.

“Near Raqqah, an airstrike destroyed three ISIL T-walls. Near Kobani, two airstrikes struck two ISIL large tactical units and destroyed three ISIL fighting positions,” the statement added. 

In Iraq, U.S.-led coalition targeted the radical group with 23 airstrikes. “Near Fallujah, two airstrikes destroyed an ISIL heavy machine gun and an anti-aircraft artillery weapon.”

Another airstrike destroyed an ISIL vehicle near Habbaniya. Similar strikes destroyed two armored vehicles of the radical group in Mosul. Near Makhmur, an airstrike destroyed an ISIL fighting position.

“Near Ramadi, five airstrikes struck an ISIL large tactical unit, a small tactical unit and three ISIL improvised explosive devices and destroyed two IEDs, five vehicles and seven fighting positions of the radical group,” according to the coalition’s central command.

Another two airstrikes struck a ISIL militants in Sinjar, destroying tactical units machine gun positions, as well as a sniper position. Tal Afar saw 10 airstrikes that struck ISIL command and control centers and bombed several fighting positions. 


Reporting by: Laila Majdalawi 

Source: ARA News

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