ISIS executes, crucifies four Libyans in Sirte

ARA News

Qamishli – The radical group of Islamic State (IS/ISIS) executed four people in the city of Sirte, central Libya, for affiliation with rival groups, according to footages released by ISIS on Monday. 

ISIS militants shot the four men dead after crucifying them in a public square in Sirte.

“The victims were tied to a makeshift cross, and their dead bodies remained there as if ISIS wanted to send a threatening massage to all of its opponents in Libya,” a local source confirmed. 

The four Libyans were executed on charges of spying on behalf of rival groups, particularly the Fajr Libya (Libya Dawn). 

The Libya Dawn is an armed group that backs a non-recognized government in Tripoli. 

The unidentified men were dressed in orange jumpsuits during the execution, according to footages released by pro-ISIS activists. 

The radical group of Islamic State has taken Sirte city as a stronghold amid security vacuum in Libya. 

Reporting by: Ahmed Shiwesh

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