Most of Syria victims are civilians, all armed factions blamed for increasing death tolls

ARA News

Urfa, Turkey – Syrian Network for Human Rights reported the death of 1674 Syrians in July, mostly killed by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. 

The network said in its monthly report, released on Saturday, that in July 1342 people were killed at the hands of the Syrian regime forces, 966 of them were civilians, including 266 children and 209 women.

“56 people died under torture, while 376 opposition fighters were summarily executed by regime forces,” the report said. 

The SNHR added that Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Asayish killed in July 13 civilians, including one child, while the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) killed 131 people, 86 of them were civilians, including 17 women and 14 children, beside 45 militants. Also, al-Nusra Front (Syria’s branch of al-Qaeda) killed 17 people, including four children, a woman and a ten militants. 

“The Syrian armed opposition factions killed 74 people, 71 of them were civilians, including 13 children, nine women, and three gunmen.” 

The network also documented the killing of 26 people as a result of raids launched by the U.S.-led coalition’s warplanes, including 23 civilians, among them were seven children and a woman. 

Additionally, the network documented the death of 71 people last July at the hands of unidentified armed groups, including eight children and three women in Syria. 

Commenting on the network report, Ferid Hisso, a Kurdish lawyer and politician, told ARA News: “As the majority of victims at the hands of the various parties on the Syrian territory are from civilians, this clearly indicates that all armed factions claim false allegations of defending people.” 

“This war has become a purely self-interest one; nobody cares about the fate of the remaining civilians in Syria,” he argued.

According to U.N. reports, more than 230,000 people have been killed so far in Syria since the outbreak of the popular uprising against Assad regime in March 2011, that turned later on into a deadly civil war. 

Reporting by: Jan Nasro

Source: ARA News

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    How many Syrians died due to Turkish government?

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