Pro-Assad forces use residential buildings for military operations in Hama

ARA News

Daraa, Syria – With the continuous advance of opposition fighters in the countryside of Hama, pro-Assad forces intensified security measures in villages in the vicinity of Sahl al-Ghab area, military sources reported on Sunday. 

Pro-Assad armed forces use residential buildings as bases for their operations against opposition fighters, which caused a wave of mass displacement among civilians, who escaped towards safer areas in Hama province. 

The battles led to the regime’s control of the Zeyzoun power station after bombing it with more than 60 airstrikes, using spatial rockets and cluster bombs. 

In the meantime, local activists reported that the pro-regime warplanes bombed areas in the al-Awn village and the town of Maskana in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, while several mortar shells hit the Mashariqa neighborhood of Aleppo, causing dozens of casualties among civilians.

Also on Sunday, the pro-regime forces pounded the opposition-held city of Zabadani with dozens of ground-to-ground rockets, coinciding with heavy shelling with artillery and tanks from at-Tal and al-Aqaba fronts.

The city of Arbeen in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus was exposed to airstrikes by Syrian air force. No reports of casualties.

Meanwhile, clashes erupted between opposition fighters and the regime’s army in the vicinity of the Faculty of Engineering, north Rastan in Homs province. At least two opposition fighters were killed during the clashes. 

Assad’s forces also bombed the town of Saida in Daraa countryside with four barrel bombs, coinciding with artillery shelling on the town. The shelling caused large damage in residential buildings in Saida that have been evacuated by opposition fighters earlier on Sunday. 

Reporting by: Ahmed Hammad

Source: ARA News