Syrian rebel commander killed in explosion south Turkey

Syrian rebel commander Jamil Radoun. File photo

ARA News

Urfa – Prominent leading member of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was killed when an explosive devise hit his car in the southern Turkish city of Antakya, rebel sources reported on Wednesday. 

Jamil Radoun, leader of the FSA-linked Suqur al-Ghab battalion, was reported dead in an explosion that hit his car in Antakia city of Hatay province.

The Suqur al-Ghab battalion issued a statement on Wednesday, saying its leader was assassinated “by the enemies of the Syrian people”. 

“Commander Radoun has led many battles against Assad army and the radical group of Islamic State in northwestern Syria,” the group said.

“The enemies have traced him into Turkey in order to eliminate him, but the martyr’s blood won’t go in vain. We will continue the battle to free Syria on the steps our dear commander has drawn for us,” Suqur al-Ghab battalion said in a statement.   

Speaking to ARA News, Syrian civil rights activist Abdulmajid Salqini said: “Radoun was one of the few Syrian officers who deserted Assad army and joined the ranks of the rebels.”

“He was known as a moderate commander who aspired for a Syria free of dictatorship and extremism. He was one of the last few moderate leaders in the FSA,” Salqini said. 

Meanwhile, the Turkish security in Antakya issued a statement saying it was not clear who was behind the assassination of the Syrian rebel commander, adding that investigation will continue until finding the perpetrators.

Reporting by: Jan Nasro

Source: ARA News 

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