Dozens killed in bomb attacks, clashes between Iraqi forces and ISIS militants in Anbar

Iraqi security forces defend their headquarters against attacks by Islamic State extremists in the eastern part of Ramadi in Anbar province. File photo

ARA News 

DUHOK – Iraqi security sources said on Monday that 35 people were killed in bomb attacks and clashes with Islamic State (ISIS) militants in the western province of Anbar. 

An ISIS-led car bomb attack hit an Iraqi military base that was housing army and allied Hashd Shaabi paramilitary militias. 

The blast, which occurred near the town of Garma, left several casualties among Iraqi forces. Thirteen members of the armed forces were killed and several others injured during the attack. 

“The huge blast was followed by heavy mortar barrage on the base,” a security official said.

In the meantime, Iraqi army forces bombed the ISIS-held town of Kubaisah with heavy artillery and airstrikes.

At least 22 people killed in Kubaisah, including seven ISIS militants, according to security sources.

Reporting by: Eyaz Ciziri

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