Hungary allows refugees stuck in Budapest to leave, 3650 reach Vienna in record high

Travellers believed to be migrants leave a train coming from Hungary at the railway station in Vienna, Austria, September 1, 2015. (Reuters)

ARA News

Geneva – Austrian police said that a total of 3,650 migrants reached Vienna by train on Monday, considering the number as the largest in a day this year.

The migrants reached Vienna following a decision by the Hungarian authorities that allowed people to leave Budapest after being stuck in makeshift camps.  

“We are still in the process of verifying how many of them are actually asylum-seekers,” Austrian police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer told AFP. 

The migrants, mostly Syrians, slept at Vienna’s Westbahnhof station in preparation to continue their journey to Germany.

German authorities facilitated asylum procedures for Syrian refugees and eased restrictions. 

Europe is on the receiving end of the biggest movement of people since World War II, with more than 300,000 arriving this year, many fleeing war, persecution and poverty in the Middle East and Africa, according to AFP.

Hungarian government criticized Germany for easing asylum restrictions, which has attracted mounting numbers of refugees to head to Germany using Hungary as a route. 

On Monday, Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said: “It is in our common interest that all member states abide by EU legislation. Order and legality must be restored at the borders of the European Union.” 

Reporting by: Lorin Silo 

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