Turkey punishes Kurdish civilians under the pretext of war on PKK

Turkish armored vehicles swept into Cizre city in Şırnak province

ARA News

CIZRE – Clashes continued on Wednesday between rebels of the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Turkish army in the Kurdish town of Cizre in the southeastern Şırnak province for the sixth consecutive day, locals reported. 

The Turkish authorities have imposed a curfew on Cizre after besieging the town under the pretext that PKK rebels have taken over main neighborhoods. 

The ongoing violence caused a state of panic among civilians who have been encountering deteriorating living conditions amid total cut of electricity and water for nearly one week. 

Vedat Yildiz, Kurdish MP and representative of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), said in a statement on Wednesday that the escalating situation in Cizre has caused a misery to civilians in the town. 

“People suffer from a sharp shortage of food and medical supplies. The government has cut off water and electricity. Civilians are suffering from unjustified siege,” Yildiz said. 

PKK rebels are locked in fierce clashes with Turkish army forces in Nur neighborhood and other areas of Cizre. 

The army received military reinforcements to the town, as tanks and heavy machine guns were stationed in several districts. 

“At least six children were suffocated due to a fire in a flat caused by artillery shells,” a local source reported on Wednesday. 

Two other civilians were shot dead by Turkish forces for violating the curfew imposed on Cizre.

“Baha Eddin Safinik, 50, and Subhi Sarak, 51, were killed when army forces opened fire on their car on Wednesday evening,” the source said.

Reporting by: Jan Nasro

Source: ARA News 

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