A Syrian carries the body of boy following reported air strikes by regime forces in Aleppo. File photo

ARA News 

QAMISHLI – Syrian and Russian warplanes conducted several airstrikes on the suburbs of Idlib province in northern Syria, amid fierce clashes between pro-Assad forces and rebel groups on the ground, local activists reported. 

Some 40 civilians, including six children, were killed in less than 12 hours in the airstrikes. 

“Syrian and Russian air forces targeted the town of Killi in Idlib, killing fifteen people, including three children,” local activist Nour Maree told ARA News. 

“A number of civil defense volunteers have been killed as well in the attack,” the source added.

In the meantime, the town of Sarmin in Idlib’s outskirts was hit by the Russian air force, “where more than twenty civilians, including several civil defense volunteers, were killed,” Maree reported. 

Separately, battles have intensified between pro-regime army, the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS) and opposition factions in Hama, Aleppo and Idlib in the past 24 hours. 

Since Saturday, a total of 80 fighters were killed in those battles, including 21 pro-Assad forces and some 28 ISIS militants. 

Over the past few days, Russia has intensified its airstrikes on Idlib, Hama and Aleppo, claiming the lives of dozens of civilians, including media activists and aid workers, local sources reported.

Syrian rebels regained control over two villages in Hama province and have destroyed several regime’s army tanks. 

Moscow claims its operations target ISIS and other “terrorist groups”, but activists accuse Russians of hitting anti-Assad moderate rebel groups and civilians.

Since the start of the Russian airstrikes in Syria in Sept. 30, some 350 people, including 120 civilians and 33 children, have been killed.

Reporting by: Egid Ibrahim

Source: ARA News

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