Russian special forces sweep into Syria

File photo for the Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking to his air forces

ARA News

DAMASCUS – Russia has sent Special Forces to Syria to support the government of President Bashar al-Assad, military sources reported on Monday. 

“The special forces were pulled out of Ukraine and sent to Syria in a bid to coordinate with Iranian military advisers against rebels,” an anti-Assad rebel commander said.

The special forces, akin to a Delta Force, had been operating in pro-Russian rebels-held areas of Ukraine before being called off to Syria, a Russian official told the Wall Street Journal.

Increasing the number of ground forces would help coordinate the Russian airstrikes ــwhich mainly target the anti-Assad rebel groups. 

On Oct. 5, Russia reportedly dispatched some ground troops to Syria, including artillery units, in a bid to bolster pro-regime forces in the fight against rebel groups in Hama and other provinces. 

By firing cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea (900 miles away from their targets), Moscow has shown off its high-end military capabilities in Syria. 

Over the past few days, Russia has intensified its airstrikes on Idlib, Hama and Aleppo, claiming the lives of dozens of civilians, including media activists and aid workers, local sources reported.

After weeks of airstrikes by Russian warplanes, Assad regime’s army and allied forces have been morally boosted, although no remarkable result has been seen on ground so far. 

The deployment of Special Forces shows Russia as a serious and a long-term ally to the embattled Syrian president. 

The war-torn country is apparently heading to a state divided into sectarian and ethnic regions as the conflict continues without any political solution achieved, according to analysts.

Reporting by: Resho Issa

Source: ARA News

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