Dozens of civilians killed in renewed Syrian strikes in Daraa

ARA News

QAMISHLI – Syrian regime forces targeted Thursday an olive plant in the countryside of Daraa in southern Syria, with heavy artillery. At least 25 people were killed, including children, and dozens others were wounded, local sources reported. 

In the plant, which lies in the town of Sheikh Miskin of Daraa province, civilians used to produce olive from their annual harvest.

Speaking to ARA News in Daraa, media activist Mousa Omari said that pro-regime forces have been pummeling the town with heavy weapons in an attempt to suppress Daraa rebels in the southern fighting front.

“Pro-Assad forces have been targeting residential neighborhoods with barrel bombs, helicopters, missiles, fighter jets, mortars and heavy artillery in an attempt to regain some locations fell to the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) factions,” Omari added. 

Reporting by: Mir Yaqoob

Source: ARA News