ISIS attacks Kurdish village near Kobane, casualties reported

A convoy of ISIS-manned vehicles in the countryside of Raqqa, northeastern Syria. File photo

ARA News 

KOBANE – Militant fighters of the Islamic State group (ISIS) launched an offensive on a Kurdish village near Kobane in northern Syria, causing casualties among civilians, military sources reported on Tuesday. 

Speaking to ARA News on the phone, Sarhad Abbas, member the Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) said that a number of ISIS terrorists attacked the village of Merasir in the southern countryside of Kobane with mortars, and then infiltrated into the village. 

“A group of villagers clashed with ISIS terrorists with light weapons,. The attack caused a state of panic among civilians,” the source reported. 

“A unit from the YPG forces arrived in the area and was able to expel ISIS terrorists from the village subsequent to sporadic clashes,” the YPG member Sarhad Abbas told ARA News. 

At least seven civilians were hardly injured during the ISIS-led offensive on Merasir village. 

Earlier this week, ISIS targeted headquarters of the Kurdish YPG forces in the suburbs of Kobane in northern Syria with dozens of mortar shells, military sources reported. 

“ISIS militants, who are stationed in the villages of Jarabulus Tahtani and al-Jamel west of Kobane, bombed the YPG’s positions in the towns of Shuyookh Foqani, Nasiriyah and Atto,” the YPG fighter Noureddin Gaban told ARA News in an earlier interview.

Over the past few days, the village of Tuzanji in the southern countryside of Kobane has seen similar attacks by the terror group, which resulted in the displacement of several Kurdish families towards the relatively calm neighboring villages. 

ISIS militants have been launching surprise attacks on the countryside of Kobane for months. The group carries out attacks from its positions in Jarabulus city against the Kurdish headquarters in Kobane and its countryside.

In return, the YPG leadership has recently deployed hundreds of fighters alongside the Euphrates River near the ISIS-held Jarabulus city in preparation for storming ISIS bastions in the area.

Reporting by: Muhammad Ali 

Source: ARA News

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