ISIS militants who appeared in the recent video by the radical group threatening to hit the Egyptian army and Israel

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ISTANBUL – The radical group of Islamic State (ISIS) in Sinai vowed in a new video to carry out suicide attacks against Israel soon, without defining the time and place of the alleged operations. 

The video clip, which has been circulated by ISIS loyalists on the social media, focused at the beginning on the war against the Egyptian military, while threatened Israel at the end, saying they “will reach the Jews wherever they were”. 

After quoting some speeches of Islamic prophet, a masked gunman expressed the group’s desire to attack Israel at an unspecified time. 

The 14-minute video has been published under the banner “And Then They Will Be Vanquished”, mainly addressing the Egyptian army which has recently launched a military operation against jihadists in the Sinai area.

The jihadi speaker called on Egyptian soldiers either to repent or to be killed for attacking Muslims (Jihadis) in Sinai, claiming “the army is trying to push Egyptians to defend Israel”.

The speaker militant pointed out that jihadists have not forgotten Israel although the focus is on fighting the Egyptian government, vowing “Islamic State will ‘soon’ resume its attacks on Jews.”

“The Islamic State will lead the (Islamic) nation to rebel and uproot you (the Jews),” he added, vowing the Egyptian regime, “we will break into the territory of ‘tyrants’ (in reference to the Egyptian regime).”

“The (Egyptian) apostate army has failed to carry out its mission,” the militant said.

As the speaker goes on, the video showed civilians allegedly killed by the Egyptian army, beside showing destroyed tanks and dead Egyptian soldiers. 

The speaker also pointed out that the jihadis will soon raise the flag of Islamic State over the Cairo Tower –a famous landmark in Egypt’s capital. 

Two weeks ago, the radical group circulated another video on the social media, showing a masked militant speaking in Hebrew with an Arabic accent vowing all the Jews and the Israeli state with a “big war soon”.

On October 23, ISIS released a videotape showing one of its militants speaking in Hebrew, vowing to carry out suicide attacks against Israelis, adding they “will eradicate Jews from Jerusalem”.

The extremist group is not only fighting in Syria and Iraq, but also claiming attacks in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen as well as in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and France.

Reporting by: Serdar Hemo  

Source: ARA News

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