Syrian rebels recapture two villages near Turkish border after clashes with ISIS

A Syrian rebel fighter targeting a regime-held building in northern Aleppo. File photo

ARA News 

ALEPPO – Subsequent to fierce clashes with militants of the Islamic State (ISIS), Syrian rebels have seized two villages north of Aleppo, close to the Turkish border, a military source reported on Saturday.

The advance was achieved with the support of an air cover by U.S. and Turkish fighter jets. 

“Our forces have regained control of the villages of Dalha and Harjaleh in the northern countryside of Aleppo,” a spokesman for the Syrian rebel factions in Aleppo told ARA News.

“Daesh terrorists were forced to withdraw under the blows of our forces,” said Saleh Zein, leading member of the rebel group of Levant Front, using an Arabic acronym for ISIS.  

At least 55 militants of the Islamic State were killed in Saturday’s operations. 

“The American and Turkish warplanes have played an essential role in enabling our fighters to storm Daesh headquarters in the two villages,” Zein told ARA News. 

The source added that their fighters have collected dead bodies of at least 55 ISIS militants after recapturing the two villages. 

Reporting by: Helin Saeed

Source: ARA News 

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