Leaked ISIS document reflects sophisticated plans for a sustainable ‘caliphate’

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DAMASCUS – A leaked document outlined how the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group organizes life in areas under its control across Syria and Iraq, revealing sophisticated plans to let the group’s dogma prevail. 

The 24-page dossier outlines ISIS’s attempt to establish an organized state with guidelines for natural resources, industry, diplomacy, propaganda, military and education.

The document “Principles in the administration of the Islamic State”, which was written by an Egyptian member of the radical group known as Abu Abdullah, provides an in-depth overview of the well-funded system.

Abu Abdullah emphasizes the importance of training children on “bearing light arms”.

The senior ISIS member also stresses the necessity of establishing a “single identity” for the extremist group in order to unite local and foreign jihadists. He further calls for founding independent local factories “for military and food production”.

According to observers, the leaked document, which was first obtained by the Guardian, illustrates an unprecedented level of sophistication.

Speaking to ARA News in Damascus, political analyst Salman al-Shami said that ISIS’s leadership has been consulting a group of radicalized academics on issues related to organizing life in the ISIS-held territory and how to create sustainable resources in order to fund its operations and guarantee its survival amid the mounting challenges. 

“The leaked document is merely a sample of dozens of other dossiers prepared by pro-ISIS academics. The group has been implementing various strategies in order to prevail and obtain people’s support amid the current chaos across Syria and Iraq,” al-Shami said. 

A local source in Syria’s Raqqa told ARA News that the group has been using every opportunity to show its “determination to create better life for people in the city”. 

“When it took over Raqqa, Daesh (ISIS) tried to gain people’s sympathy by convincing them it has come to liberate them from the Syrian regime and infidel rebels. However, people later recognized the group’s brutality against the citizens after witnessing hundreds of executions and brutal punishments against innocents,” the source said on the condition of anonymity. 

“But we cannot deny the group’s efforts to organize life in Raqqa by inaugurating public institutions and launching services in a time when chaos was prevailing. It is true that Daesh has imposed its own rules by spreading fear among helpless civilians, but it worked eventually,” the source told ARA News. 

Reporting by: Laila Majdalawi

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