PKK attacks Turkish army convoy as violence intensifies in Cizre

Turkish soldiers and tanks on patrol in Şırnak province. File photo

ARA News

CIZRE – At least three Turkish soldiers were killed and two others wounded in an attack by rebels of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on an army convoy in the Kurdish town of Cizre in the southeastern province of Şırnak.

The Turkish army said in a statement on Sunday that PKK fighters bombed a military vehicle, killing three soldiers and injuring two more. 

“The terrorists (in reference to PKK members) detonated an explosive device under an army vehicle in Cizre on Sunday, in an attempt to prevent the Turkish forces from carrying out their duty,” the statement said.

This comes amid a curfew imposed by the Turkish army on the town of Cizre. 

Last week, the army shelled residential neighborhoods, schools and infrastructure in the Kurdish town, causing the displacement of thousands of civilians from Cizre, according to local sources. 

“The Turkish forces are bombing civilians and destroying Cizre under the pretext of pursuing few PKK rebels,” a media activist in the town told ARA News, on the condition of anonymity. 

“The government does not care about the citizens affected by the military campaign on Cizre. The situation is disastrous. We appeal to the international community to stop the Turkish offensive on the town,” he said. 

Turkish state media confirmed last week that some 10,000 military forces are participating in the ongoing operation against the PKK in the towns of Cizre and Silopi in Şırnak province.

Reporting by: Kawa Isso

Source: ARA News 

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