U.S. to ramp up fight against ISIS


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ISTANBUL – U.S. President Barack Obama is heading towards more active and deeper role into the war against the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS), while reaching the end of his last year of presidency.

Subsequent to a year of anti-ISIS airstrikes that have relatively decreased the terror group’s expansion in both Syria and Iraq, Obama’s administration announced earlier this week a series of measures focusing on the fighting against ISIS until his last day in office.

After being reluctant for years to send “boots on ground”, Obama has agreed recently to send some 200 special forces to Iraq, beside carrying out air raids in Syria.

A senior official in Obama’s administration has said it is clear that the war on ISIS has been so critical to the future of the region and the world.

ISIS has been summarily an urgent case that “must” be decisively and seriously dealt with by the strongest power in the world, namely U.S., according to observers. 

Obama has long been proving his promises of not sending tens of thousands of troops into the Middle East again, but ISIS, after proving to be a serious global threat, has pushed the American president to reconsider earlier promises even if they have been changed relatively.

Obama’s administration is trying to elevate its foreign policy regarding the anti-ISIS campaign in the war-torn countries of Syria and Iraq. 

Also, the Paris deadly attacks, which ISIS claimed responsibility for, have pushed the American administration to reconsider its strategy of fighting ISIS. 

The group has been proving it is an “overseas group” and can easily carry out deadly attacks in the heartland of the western countries. ISIS has passed the Middle East region, showing higher capacities compared to its rival al-Qaeda in dealing with its enemies.

“ISIS is an updated version of al-Qaeda; it has been sophisticated,” a Syrian activist told ARA News.

In the wake of Turkey’s downing of the Russian warplane last week, regional tension may escalate dragging Turkey and Russia into an all-out war. 

Amid mounting tensions between Iraqi Kurds and the Shiite militant groups, supported by Iran and Iraqi government led by ally Haider al-Abadi, ISIS may acquire chemical weapons from some fragile sectors in the Iraqi army forces.

In the meantime, the United States, along with Australia, UK, France and Germany, have stepped up the anti-ISIS campaign in the region.

But Washington disclosed it will take other procedures rather than airstrikes to defeat the terror group.

Only local forces, backed by an air cover from the U.S.-led coalition, could likely hold ground and defeat ISIS. 

The military and diplomatic efforts will help strengthen the possibility of defeating ISIS, according to Obama’s administration.  

Also, Washington considers that a ceasefire between forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and rebels could be a key step towards a solution for the ongoing crisis in Syria, beside securing removal of Assad from power at the end of a potential transitional phase.

“As long as that fight continues it’s going to be very hard for anyone to turn their full attention to ISIL (ISIS). The (Syrian) opposition won’t want to do it, for fear of being outmaneuvered by the regime or its Russian and Iranian allies and vice-versa,” the Obama administration stressed. 

The U.S. is paving for a political transition so that those who have been fighting now for years against the Assad regime do not feel they have not achieved any of their aspirations for a democratic Syria.

Reporting by: Egid Yousef

Source: ARA News

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