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ERBIL – The Islamic State (ISIS) extremist group executed three Kurdish men in Iraq’s northwestern province of Nineveh on charges of spying for the Peshmerga forces, local sources reported on Thursday.

The victims were arrested last week in Mosul. The ISIS-led Sharia Court issued a statement saying: “Based on interrogations, the men were convicted of spying for the Peshmerga.”

The Sharia Court order the militants to execute the three Kurdish men in public.

“They were shot dead in front of dozens of people after a member of the Sharia Court read the statement, threatening the Kurdish Peshmerga forces of facing defeat in case they try to invade Mosul,” a local activist and eyewitness told ARA News.

The Peshmerga army and Iraqi government forces, backed by the western coalition, have been preparing for a large military operation aimed at regaining Mosul city from ISIS militants.

This comes only two days after the radical group burned 20 media activists to death in Mosul city. The victims, who have been arrested in separate raids earlier this month, were executed on charges of leaking security information to “hostile parties”. 

Reporting by: Salar Qassim

Source: ARA News

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