A still image from the new video released by ISIS in Raqqa showing the five media activists (in orange), behind them five ISIS militants preparing to execute the activists

ARA News 

ERBIL – The radical group of Islamic State (ISIS) executed on Sunday five media activists on charges of “spying for hostile parties” in Syria’s northeastern province of Raqqa. 

The terror group released a video showing the five activists “confessing” to have filmed ISIS headquarters and vehicles in Raqqa.

In the name of their alleged Caliphate, ISIS militants have shot the media activists dead at the end of the video.

The victims were identified as Muhammad Abdulghani, Hael Abdulrazaq, Faisal al-Jaafar, Ammar al-Jaafar and Mahyar Othman.

The group accused them of leaking security information to the U.S.-led coalition, which has been bombing ISIS for nearly two years in the region.

Speaking to ARA News in Raqqa, a civil rights activist, who conditioned anonymity, said: “The victims were documenting ISIS atrocities in the province. They have been covering the daily life of Raqqa citizens for months.”

“By filming such executions and showing it to the public, ISIS tries to terrorize all activists in Raqqa, especially those working for media,” the source said.

“Everyone trying to deliver information about Raqqa to the outside world is being accused of spying for hostile parties, Activists are being tortured and brutally executed.”  

Reporting by: Salar Qassim

Source: ARA News

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