Palmyra: Dozens of civilian casualties reported in fresh Syrian airstrikes

ARA News 

DAMASCUS – Syrian regime’s air force hit the ancient city of Palmyra with dozens of airstrikes, killing and wounding dozens of civilians, activists reported on Saturday.

Local sources said that Syrian warplanes bombed residential neighborhoods in central Palmyra.

“At least 13 civilians were killed and 20 more wounded in renewed airstrikes by Syrian warplanes,” media activist Samir al-Homsi told ARA News.

The historical city of Palmyra has been under the control of Islamic State’s (ISIS) militants since May, when the group stormed headquarters of the Syrian army and seized the whole city subsequent to fierce clashes.

“The Syrian regime claims that its warplanes are targeting ISIS positions in Palmyra; however, the strikes mostly hit residential buildings causing civilian casualties and destruction to private property,” al-Homsi said.

The recent airstrikes have also led to the destruction of parts of the ancient citadel in Palmyra and some historical monuments in the Jaalak square east of the city, according to local activists.  

Reporting by: Laila Majdalawi

Source: ARA News

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