40 militants desert ISIS with support from Syrian rebels in Aleppo

Islamic State militants. File photo

ARA News 

ALEPPO – The Syrian armed opposition has facilitated the dissidence of dozens of ISIS militants in the northern countryside of Aleppo on Saturday.

Rebel factions coordinated with fighters who wanted to desert the Islamic State (ISIS) radical group in Syria’s Aleppo before securing their dissidence.

“There have been confidential contacts between opposition factions and members of ISIS over the past two months. The efforts resulted in the defection of 40 ISIS militants with support from Failaq al-Sham (main Syrian rebel group in Aleppo),” rebel spokesman Ali Jaafar told ARA News on Sunday.

“The confidentiality of this operation has led to its success. The fighters who deserted ISIS are now in a secure location,” Jaafar said, adding the dissidents will remain under close observation by the rebels “in order to make sure they won’t violate the principles of this deal”. 

This comes as the western coalition continued striking ISIS positions in the Harbal town north of Aleppo, where dozens of militants were killed and injured in the past few days. 

The northern countryside of Aleppo is witnessing battles between different armed groups. According to activists, the developments in Aleppo could determine the results of the ongoing Syria peace talks in Geneva.

Reporting by: Helin Saeed

Source: ARA News 

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