ISIS deserters form new militia southern Syria


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DARAA ــ Dozens of fighters have dissented from the militant group of Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria’s southern province of Daraa, announcing the formation of a rebel group under the banner “al-Murabitin Brigade”. 

The dissented fighters were members of the Islamic Movement of Muthanna which had earlier sworn allegiance to ISIS.

The ISIS-splinted Brigade of al-Murabitin issued Monday a statement obtained by ARA News, announcing their “full commitment” to the fight against the regime and radical groups in Syria.

The new formation has also removed the ISIS-linked military commander Abu Abdul Karim, according to the statement. 

“We have decided to leave the militant group [ISIS] after its aggression against our people in the Horan region [Daraa province] which claimed the lives of a number of innocent civilians,” the statement read.

The brigade has also stressed it will work to defend its people, adding it ‘will not be separated from the Operations Chamber of al-Bunyan al-Marsus’–which includes several Syrian rebel factions operate in the southern front of Daraa province. 

“We will remain part of the chamber to continue struggle against Assad’s thugs,” it said. 

The announcement of the new rebel body came after the ISIS-liked Muthanna in association with the Brigade of Yarmouk Martyrs–which had also swore allegiance to ISIS– waged battles against opposition fighters in the western suburbs of Daraa, taking over several towns in the province, including Tasil and Sahem al-Golan as well as the town of Jalin. 

As ISIS considers any of its jihadis who leaves his post without a permission a traitor and enemy of its alleged Caliphate, it will fight any splinted group from its ranks, according to local activists.

Reporting by: Ahmed Hammad 

Source: ARA News

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