An ISIS executioner appears in a video executing Peshmerga soldier in Iraq's Mosul

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ERBILThe Islamic State (ISIS) extremist group on Monday published a video of the beheading of a Kurdish Peshmerga soldier. The group suggested it was revenge for the shelling of civilian areas in Mosul city last Friday.

“Do not think that you are far from our swords. Think and look what we have done in Europe, in Belgium, in Brussels,” the ISIS executioner said in fluent Kurdish. 

In the video, three captives in orange jumpsuits are shown, with one being beheaded, threatening to behead the other two. “O Mas’oud [Iraqi Kurdistan’s President Masoud Barzani], if you bomb the Muslims again, then the turn will be on those two. Answer me, which one would you like to slaughter? This one or this one?”

The ISIS fighter said that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has become bankrupt due to the war against ISIS, and sought help from Turkey.

However, in reality the KRG has faced economic difficulties due to the influx of displaced people, and the low oil prices, and budget cuts by Baghdad.

Moreover, the KRG has built an economic relationship since 2007 with Turkey through oil exports, and with the Kurds importi../../../css/ng many Turkish goods. In 2013_ Turkey exported billion with the KRG becoming Turkey_s third largest export market_ a _a style_.css"color: #000000;" href="">report of the Washington Institute said in May 2015.

“He even allied with Turkey, his ultimate enemy,” said the ISIS member. “So Mas’oud received soldiers of the apostate Erdogan and he allowed them to establish a camp in Bashiqa, for all to be in one line, as the sect of disbelief is one,” he said in Sorani Kurdish.

Peshmerga forces and Turkish tanks started bombing Mosul city last Friday.

The Islamic State group responded by firing rockets at the Turkish base on Saturday, killing one Turkish soldier, and injuring another. Turkish warplanes and coalition’s fighter jets targeted four ISIS positions near Mosul in response.

It’s unclear if any ISIS fighters were killed or injured due to the Kurdish and Turkish shelling of the de-facto ISIS capital.

Over 500 Iraqi Kurds have joined the Islamic state group since 2011. However, many of them have been killed, including those who previously beheaded Peshmerga soldiers. Pro-IS Kurdish website has published the names and pictures of at least 80 dead ISIS fighters.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg

Source: ARA News

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