ISIS expels Syrian Islamist rebels from strategic towns near Turkish border

Syrian rebel fighters. File photo

ARA News

ALEPPO – Subsequent to fierce clashes, the Islamic State (ISIS) radical group was able Sunday to regain several villages and towns from the Islamist rebels in the Syrian northern province of Aleppo, military sources reported.

The two parties exchange missile bombardment, during which dozens of casualties were reported in the ranks of the Islamist fighters. The clashes continued until Sunday midnight. 

Speaking to ARA News in Aleppo, Saleh Zein, spokesman of Islamist rebels said: “Daesh [ISIS] militants carried out counterattacks against our rebels in the northern areas of Aleppo province near the Syrian-Turkish border, and were able to recapture the strategic towns of Miregil and Toqatli.”

“Daesh took over the two towns after fierce battles with Ash-Sham corps and the brigade of Sultan Murad, causing them heavy losses,” Zein said, pointing out the rebels were forced to withdraw towards the towns of Hour, Harjala, and Dahla. 

The two sides also exchanged artillery fire, where dozens of mortar shells dropped on the neighboring towns of Qara Kopri and Ghazl on the Syria-Turkey border, causing casualties among civilians, according to the spokesman.

Earlier this week, Syrian Islamist fighters have taken over several towns north of Aleppo, especially after the U.S.-led coalition forces intensified airstrikes on the ISIS locations near the Turkish border. However, ISIS regained two strategic towns after causing the rebels heavy losses in manpower and equipment. 

Reporting by: Taim Khalil

Source: ARA News

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