ISIS jihadis attack army battalion in Syria’s Homs

Militant fighters of the Islamic State. File photo

ARA News 

HOMS ــ Subsequent to clashes with Syrian regime troops, militant fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) group were able Monday to control the tanks battalion in eastern Homs, central Syria, activists reported. 

Speaking to ARA News in Homs, rights activist Amr al-Musa confirmed that ISIS captured the abandoned battalion in eastern Homsــ about 10 km northwestern the military airport of T-four, subsequent to fierce battles with pro-regime forces.

Al-Musa pointed out that ISIS launched a surprise attack on the pro-regime forces, leading to fierce clashes between the two sides lasted for several hours.

“ISIS militants were able to take over the tank battalion in addition to a nearby regime-led checkpointــwhich was taken as a first line of defense for the battalion,” he reported. 

“At least 23 soldiers from the regime’s army were killed during clashes with Daesh,” a military source close to the Syrian army told ARA News, using an acronym for ISIS.

The source confirmed that ISIS insurgents were able to seize three machine guns, a base for anti-tank missiles with dozens of missiles and a large deal of ammunition along with light weapons.

However, after taking control of the battalion, ISIS was forced on Monday midnight to retreat under heavy blows by the Russian air force and the regime’s artillery–stationed in the vicinity of the T-four military airport.

On March 26, 2015, ISIS took over the tank battalion for the first time, but it was forced to withdraw under the regime’s airstrikes. 

Reporting by: Haitham Mustafa

Source: ARA News

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