Scores of Turkish forces killed in renewed clashes with PKK

PKK fighters. File photo

ARA News

URFA ــ At least four Turkish forces were killed and 12 others wounded during clashes with rebels of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in the Kurdish southeast, security sources said on Tuesday.

Several security sources confirmed the death of two Turkish soldiers and a police officer in addition to the injury of eight soldiers in clashes with PKK rebels in the provinces of Hakkari and Mardin –where Kurds constitute a majority– southeastern Turkey.

The clashes took place in eight different districts of the town Yuksek Urfa, including Yeşildere, Diza, Kon Kur, and Asan Tepe districts.

The injured security members were transferred to hospitals in the provinces of Van and Hakkari amid ongoing clashes in the town, the sources reported. 

Also on Tuesday, a member of the Turkish special forces was killed and three others injured in a blast on the highway leading to Urfa. “An explosive device, that was apparently planted by PKK rebels, exploded on the highway,” said media activist Ahmad Yilmaz,.

“An armored vehicle of the Turkish military was bombed near the village of Sultan Shekhmous in the province of Mardin,” he added, pointing out that two of its crew were killed and others injured.

Additional military reinforcements arrived to the area after the PKK-led bombing, the source reported.

On Monday, scores of the Turkish forces were killed and wounded in bombings and clashes in the city of Şırnak with the PKK fighters, according to military sources.

Over the past few days, the army has been targeting PKK strongholds in Nusaybin and Şırnak with tanks and artillery from the hills that overlook the two Kurdish areas, in a bid to remove the PKK-led checkpoints erected on the roads linking the cities in Turkey ‘s south-east, according to Turkish military sources. 

Reporting by: Jan Nasro

Source: ARA News

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    PKK terrorists, not rebels. Fool!

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