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ERBIL – Radical group of the Islamic State (ISIS) on Monday released a new propaganda video calling on youngsters and elderly Muslims to join its ranks and back its cause against the western coalition. 

The ISIS-linked Wilayat al-Khayr media center in Deir ez-Zor [in Syria’s east] released a propaganda film under the banner “Youngsters and Elderly”, showing two ISIS membersــ a youngster and an elderly manــ sending messages to the Muslims all over the world, inciting them to join the radical group, including young and elderly men.

Pro-ISIS activists circulated the new version on the social media under the banner “Youngsters and Elderly”, calling on teenagers and elderly men to join ISIS jihad against “enemies of Allah”.

The version flashes between the two persons who keep citing Quranic verses as proofs for the legitimacy of joining the Caliphate’s military, even if they are too young or too old. 

In broken Arabic, an old man ــwho seems to be Moroccan nationalــ narrates his journey to Syria in order to join fighting there, as the commentator indicates on the tape that jihad is a must on adults and youngsters alike ــderived from the Quranic verse “Be prepared as youngsters and elderly”. He vowed that the American warplanes would never scare “the soldiers of the Caliphate”. 

Then a 14-year-old boy appears saying he joined ISIS ranks at the fighting front of the Deir ez-Zor’s airbase and he chose to be a suicidal member in the group’s ranks as he has already registered his name, and his turn came by now to carry out a jihadi operation.

The boy pointed out that the loss of the town of Shaddadi [in Hasakah province] and the historic city of Palmyra [in central Syria] is not very important, but “committing to the Caliphate’s rules is much important,” he argued.

Then the commentator calls on everyone to join ISIS in order “to support widows, orphans and the oppressed”.

The old man appears again concluding that he will not forgive his sons who did not join the jihad and that he is ready “to die for the sake of Allah”.  

Observers believe that the group has received painful blows during the past few months, especially after the US-led coalition forces intensified airstrikes against its command centers and vital resources in Syria and Iraq. ISIS tries to compensate its losses through releasing new propaganda videos in a bid to recruit as many people as possible.

Reporting by: Salar Qasim

Source: ARA News

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