A File photo showing Muslim clerics holding a vigil in Dearborn, Michigan, to condemn the Islamic State militant group. (Twitter/Niraj Warikoo)

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ISTANBUL – Under the banner of “Disbelief Leaders“, radical group of the Islamic State (ISIS) has revealed a list includes dozens of Muslim clerics who are active in Europe, US and Australia, threatening to assassinate them.

The list, which was published by the group’s Dabiq magazine in its latest edition, includes 21 people with diverse orientations, some of them are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood group, while others are linked to the Salafis and Sufis of the various Islamist doctrines. 

The ISIS radical group stated in its official English-speaking online magazine Dabiq that the list includes the following names: Abu Basir Tartusi, Hamza Yusuf, Pierre Vogel (Abu Hamza), Suhaib Webb, Mohammed al-Yacoubi, and Hisham Qabbani, Yasser al-Qadi, Bilal Philips, Tawfiq Chawdari, Walid Bassiouni, Hakim Queik, Muhammad Abyari, Arif Ali Khan, Rashad Hussain, Keith Ellison, Hima Abidin, Muhammad Abdul Bari, Saeeda Wirasi, Waqar Azami, Sajid Jawid, and Ajmal Masrour.

Speaking to ARA News, Syrian journalist Kamal Ayyoub said: “The barbaric group has went bankrupt politically and militarily, especially after the US-led coalition forces intensified airstrikes on its command centers and financial resources, paralyzing its movements in both Syria and Iraq.” 

“Daesh has been pushed back in many areas of its control across Syria and Iraq,” Ayyoub said, using an acronym for ISIS. 

“Everything indicates that ISIS is ‘on the verge of collapse’,” he argued. “That’s why it keeps posing threats everywhere.” 

The hardline group had carried out a series of assassination operations since its emergence, targeting rival clerics, media activists, civilians, rival military commanders and even its own militant leaders, according to observers.

On April 4, ISIS published a footage showing pictures from the Paris and Brussels attacks along with 9/11, threatening European capitals with deadly attacks. In a propaganda film called ‘Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands’,” ISIS threated Western leaders. “If it was Paris yesterday, and today in Brussels, Allah knows where it will be tomorrow,’ an ISIS member said in English. ‘Maybe it will be in London or Berlin or Rome,’ the militant concluded.

Reporting by: Partizan Ahmed

Source: ARA News 

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