Kurds vow to prevent Assad regime from holding parliamentary elections in Rojava

From the ceremonies of the declaration of federalism in Rojava, Rumelan, northeaster Syria. Photo: ARA New

ARA News 

ERBIL – Syrian Kurds will not hold Syrian parliament elections in their territory. The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad called for these elections for April 13th on Monday.

“Since the autonomous administration was declared by the Kurds and other minorities, the majority Kurdish areas are out of Assad’s control, and they are administrated by the components of the region,” said Idris Nassan, a former official in the Kobane administration.

“So they [Kurds] have nothing to do with Assad’s elections, and they are looking for a new administration for the whole of Syria,” Nassan told ARA News on Friday. 

“The only elections that will be held in these areas will be for federalism and it’s committees, until there is a new administration agreed on by all the people of Rojava [Syria’s Kurdish region],” he said.

The Syrian Kurds have announced federalism for Rojava and Northern Syria on March 17 after an extended meeting in the town of Rumelan, with the participation of delegates representing Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen, and Assyrians. Both the Syrian regime and the opposition rejected the declaration.

This is not the first time the Syrian Kurds will boycott the Syrian regime’s elections. 

On June 3, 2014, the Syrian government held elections in Syria, which were not allowed by the Kurds in their own areas. The Kurdish Asayish security forces confiscated several ballot boxes, when the regime attempted to put ballot boxes in Kurdish neighborhoods of Qamishli city.

Source: ARA News 

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