American jets bomb main ISIS weapons storehouse northern Syria

US_led anti-ISIS airstrike. File photo

ARA News

QAMISHLI – United States and allies intensified their airstrikes on positions of the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS), hitting the group’s main arms storehouse in the city of Azaz in Syria’s northern province of Aleppo, local sources reported on Sunday.

Speaking to ARA News in Aleppo, media activist Abdul Hamid Ismail said that fighter jets from the US-led coalition forces bombed an ISIS-linked warehouse in the village of Dabiq in Azaz suburb, destroying it entirely and killing all the group’s members inside.

“The jets came from the Incirlik Air Base in neighboring Turkey, after receiving intelligence information about the group’s coordinates in Azaz,” Ismail reported. 

In the meantime, ISIS jihadis carried out a surprise attack on the pro-regime army forces in the eastern suburbs of Homs and the silos near Palmyra. 

ARA News could not verify the death toll among the regime forces’ ranks.

Noteworthy, the city of Aleppo has been witnessing the fiercest attacks led by warplanes loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and the Russian air force over the pst few days.

Taking advantage of the chaotic situation in Syria’s north, ISIS jihadis have launched major attacks on positions of the rebel groups and captured more territory last week.

On Saturday, the US-led coalition forces conducted several air raids on the group’s positions in the town of Margada in the southern suburbs of Hasakah, northeastern Syria, killing a number of ISIS militants, according to local sources.

The airstrikes hit a number of ISIS headquarters, fighting positions, and destroyed several heavy machine guns in Margada.

Speaking to ARA News in Hasakah, media activist Nader Ali said that the US-led coalition forces hit ISIS strongholds near the town of Margada and the areas stretching between the administrative borders of Deir ez-Zor and Hasakah provinces. 

A Kurdish military source reported that fierce clashes erupted between the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS insurgent near Abu Khashab area between Deir ez-Zor and Hasakah, without giving further details.

SDF-ISIS battles have declined in the southern suburbs of Hasakah after the Kurdish-Arab alliance [SDF] took control of Shaddadi and its surroundings two months ago.

Reporting by: Mir Yaqoob and Ahmad Shiwesh

Source: ARA News

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