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DUHOK – Subsequent to a strategic security operation in the western city of Ramadi, Iraqi police forces were able to arrest three jihadi leaders from the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS), Iraqi police command announced in an official statement on Friday.

The arrestees were identified as Abu Musa al-Assafi, the ISIS official in charge of allegiance affairs, Abdul Wahab Namrawi, a booby-trapping official in the district of Hit, and Abu Muthana Hayani, an official of the so-called Divan of Muslims’ affairs in the state of Anbar, according to the police leadership.

This comes as ISIS suffers a remarkable decline in its manpower and equipment inside Falluja, the largest city in the Anbar province, western Iraq, especially after the intensified military operations waged by Iraqi joint forces and the US-led coalition forces over the las few weeks. 

In the meantime, ISIS began cracking down on the people of Fallujah through the closure of the old and new bridges of the city, and prevented them from passing in order to flee the war-torn region, according to local sources.

In another development, official sources in the Peshmerga forces in the Kurdistan region of Iraq confirmed they received on Friday dozens of displaced civilians who have fled the district of Hawija [30 miles south of Kirkuk] due to the continued military operations between ISIS and the Iraqi forces.

Speaking to ARA News in the Dibis district, Kurdish official Mihyar Yawir said that the Peshmerga in the Dibis district northwestern Kirkuk Governorate, have provided the displaced from Hawija with necessary support and assistance.

In this regard, the Peshmerga official Lt. Izzedin Wanki told ARA News: “The Peshmerga forces receive civilians fleeing from ISIS-held areas on a daily basis, especially in the fighting fronts of Kirkuk province.”

“These people [displaced], who are mostly from the Arab component, reach to the Peshmerga-controlled areas after having endured difficult circumstances,” Wanki said.

“They were walking for long distances and for many hours at night, so as not to be seen by ISIS terrorists,” Wanki said, pointing out the Peshmerga forces have been providing them with necessary assistance since the first day they arrived to the Kurdish region.

The Kurdish official confirmed that they check the names and identities of those displaced people, fearing the infiltration of any ISIS jihadis into the Kurdistan Region.

A number of key districts south of Kirkuk province, in northern Iraq, including az-Zab, Abbasi, Riyadh, al-Rashad and Hawija are still under the control of the hardline group, using them as centers for launching their attacks on Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Iraqi army in the region.

Reoorting by: Diyar Haji

Source: ARA News

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