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ERBIL ــ Radical group of the Islamic State (ISIS) has released a new propaganda video, expressing sharp criticism of Saudi Muslim clerics for their support to the ruling family in Saudi Arabia, describing them as followers of ‘as-Sururiya’.

As-Sururiya is an Islamic stream that has been established after the name of its founder Sheikh Mohammed Srour Zine El Abidine Horan, a former member of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. The stream has contradicted many jihadist and Salafist viewpoints in Islam.

ISIS accused the Saudi clerics of being more dangerous than the ruling family of Al Saud. 

The ISIS-linked Battar media center released a propaganda film under the banner “O visitor of Divan”, showing hard criticism for the Saudi clerics and their support for the authorities to cancel the so-called ‘al-Ihtisab’ [a religious ritual adopted by Salafism] through which they helped dissolve what remained from the security institution of ‘Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice’ in the kingdom.

In the new video tape, ISIS accused Muslim clerics in the kingdom of having no respect for their own religion [Islam] and that they deceive themselves before the others.

The version flashes between pictures for renowned Saudi clerics and the ruling family members, including the king, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saudــwho was seen shaking hands with the US president Barack Obama more than once. 

“The king of Saudi Arabia has deep relations with the enemy of Islam [western countries],” according the ISIS propaganda video. 

The Commentator in the video says: “How can they [Saudi clerics] respect their God’s religion, while they show hostility towards the honest Mujahideen [in reference to ISIS militants killed by the US-led coalition forces]?”.

The group accuses Saudi clerics of having fought the ISIS alleged caliphate and defamed its leaders falsely when it was announced. “The clerics were motivated by their rulers in the kingdom for this ‘hostile’ position towards the caliphate.” 

The commentator pointed out that as-Sururiya group [Saudi clerics] are more dangerous on the religion of Allah than Al Saud themselves, “to understand who maintained the thrones of rulers,” he said.

“These clerics are like a sword that cuts heads of true Muslims [ISIS militants],” the commentator said, concluding “But the majority of people are now aware of their [clerics’] treachery and distortion of religious texts”.

The rest of the visual version continues with an anthem, entitled ‘O visitor of Divan’ with scenes of Saudi clerics with the words of the anthem counting the points that are contrary to the true religion claimed by these clerics, according to ISIS ideology.

The ISIS extremist group is not only fighting in Syria and Iraq, but also claiming attacks in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen as well as in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and France. It has been an oversea terror group that exceeds the typical al-Qaeda group in its plots and tactics.

Reporting by: Salar Qassim

Source: ARA News

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