ISIS claims shooting down US drone in Iraq

ISIS militants claimed downing an American drone northern Iraq. File photo: Amaq

ARA News

ERBIL – Militant fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) on Wednesday shot down an American drone in northern Iraq, the group claimed in a statement.

“In al-Ayadiyah town of Tal Afar district, our fighters downed an American drone this morning,” ISIS military leadership in Tal Afar said in a statement published by the pro-ISIS Amaq agency on Wednesday evening. 

Local sources in Tal Afar told ARA News that the Ayadiyah town was exposed to fierce airstrikes on Wednesday midnight.

“After ISIS militants hit a drone for the US-led coalition in Ayadiyah, the coalition responded with a series of heavy airstrikes hitting ISIS strongholds with more than 30 rockets,” head of the Nineveh media centre Raafat al-Zarari told ARA News. 

The source reported that the coalition’s strikes on Tal Afar in western Nineveh province on Wednesday were targeting an ISIS-led brigade headed by Sufian Ahmed Yousef.

“Yousef is the commander of ISIS operations in Tal Afar district. The coalition had received information about his movements and he was expected to hold a meeting with other ISIS leaders in Ayadiyah on Wednesday. However, his death is not confirmed yet,” Zarari told ARA News on the phone. 

The coalition’s warplanes also targeted al-Ashiq town in Tal Afar with several airstrikes, bombing an ISIS weapon’s storage centre, local sources reported.

It was not immediately clear how many ISIS militants were killed in Wednesday’s strikes.  

Reporting by: Sarbaz Yousef

Source: ARA News

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