Islamic State executes 45 of its own militants for escaping battlefront near Kirkuk

Miitants of the Islamic State are seen roaming across the city of Mosul in the northwestern Iraqi province of Nineveh. File photo

ARA News

DUHOK – Radical group of the Islamic State (ISIS) has executed dozens of its own militants after they escaped the battle of the strategic village of al-Bashir south of Kirkuk, local sources reported on Tuesday. 

ISIS has executed the escapees on charges of ‘treason’ after they fled a battle against the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in al-Bashir village, according to local activists.

Speaking to ARA News, Iraqi media activist Munzer Ismail said that ISIS has buried alive all its jihadis fleeing the battle of the village of al-Bashir in a single grave on the outskirts of Qayyarah district south of Nineveh province [on the western bank of Tigris river].

“At least 45 jihadis were buried alive for escaping the battlefront southern Kirkuk,” Ismail reported, citing eyewitnesses from Qayyarah.

Kurdish journalist Bawer Khalil told ARA News in Erbil that this is the first time the terror group kills dozens of its own militants this way.

“This mass execution of jihadis indicates that ISIS is now suffering mounting disputes from within,” he argued. 

The Kurdish Peshmerga forces were able to liberate the key village of al-Bashir south of Kirkuk in northern Iraq subsequent to a major military operation against ISIS. The Kurdish forces caused ISIS heavy losses in manpower and equipment, according to local sources. 

Earlier on Sunday, the extremist group executed two of its own jihadis in the city of Mosul in Iraq’s northwestern Nineveh province on charges of treason, informed local sources reported.

Reporting by: Ali Issa

Source: ARA News

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