Islamic State militants seize control of four regime checkpoints in Syria’s Homs

Militants of the Islamic State are seen in a jihadi training camp. File photo

ARA News

HOMS – Subsequent to fierce clashes, militant fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) were able to recapture several areas from the pro-regime forces in the eastern suburbs Homs, central Syria, killing scores of pro-regime soldiers and wounding dozens more, activists reported on Monday.

Speaking to ARA News in Homs, media activist Abdul Halim al-Fayez said that ISIS militants were able to impose their control over four checkpoints for the pro-regime forces near the oilfield of al-Shaer after fierce clashes that started Sunday midnight and lasted until Monday afternoon. 

“After pounding the checkpoints with heavy weapons, ISIS launched a major attack on the regime’s army and was able to take over the areas located northwest of al-Shaer oilfield–the first defense line in Homs province,” he reported. 

At least 16 soldiers from the regime’s army were killed and over 25 wounded. 

In the meantime, the Syrian air force, supported by Russian jets, conducted several airstrikes on ISIS strongholds in the vicinity of al-Shaer oilfield, killing at least 18 ISIS fighters, according to a Syrian military source who spoke to ARA News on condition of anonymity. 

Subsequent to the regime’s control over the historic city of Palmyra in Homs province, ISIS has been active in the eastern suburbs of Homs, waging offensives on the regime-held areas. ISIS has recently taken over the Huweisis district east of Homs, while the group tries to storm the army positions inside the city.

Reporting by: Sarbaz Yousef and Haytham Mustafa

Source: ARA News

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