200 civilians arrive to Iraqi Kurdistan after escaping ISIS in Fallujah

Civilians fleeing Fallujah. File photo

ARA News 

KIRKUK – The Kurdistan Region of Iraq has received more than 200 Arab civilians who have escaped the mounting violence in Fallujah city, where fighting continued between the Islamic State (ISIS) and Iraqi forces, officials said on Monday. 

“The Kurdish Peshmerga forces secured the entrance of more than 200 Iraqi civilians into the Kurdistan Region in the weekend. Those people have escaped Fallujah looking for a safe haven, and Kurdistan as always opened its doors to shelter the displaced,” Peshmerga official Izzaddin Wanki told ARA News in Kirkuk. 

The source added that most of the displaced were women and children, and they were registered by the Peshmerga at the Makhmur district in northern Iraq, before being transferred to camps in the Kurdistan Region.

“Dozens of people arrive to the Peshmerga security checkpoints around the Kurdistan Region everyday, after fleeing ISIS-held Iraqi areas, looking for shelter. Our forces are more than happy to help those civilians and assist them to find a safe haven away from ISIS atrocities,” the Peshmerga official said.

“We are aware of the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in areas under ISIS control. Eliminating this terror group would bring peace to the entire region, that’s why we are determined to continue fighting ISIS alongside with our allies until liberating all Iraqi areas occupied by the group,” Wanki told ARA News. 

Reporting by: Ali Issa 

Source: ARA News

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