Turkish border police kill 11 civilians on Syrian border

Turkish soldiers stand guard as a Syrian refugee boy waits behind the border fences to cross. File photo

ARA News

GIRKE LEGE – Turkish border guards on Sunday shot dead 11 Syrian civilians for trying to cross the border into Turkey, escaping the mounting violence in Idlib province in northwestern Syria, activists and eyewitnesses reported.

All victims were from the same family. “They were trying to cross the border into Turkey to look for a safe haven but they were brutally killed by the Turkish border guards,” media activist Ziad Daghistani told ARA News in Idlib.

The 11 victims, including four children, were seeking a route into the Turkish territory near the Syrian border village of Khirbat al-Jouz, where the Turkish police opened fire. 

The Turkish authorities have closed the border gates in a bid to stop the influx of Syrian refugees. However, displaced civilians are still using illegal routes to escape their war-torn homeland.

“Today we have witnessed a horrible massacre against innocent civilians who were searching a way to safety after suffering mounting violence in Idlib province,” Daghistani said. “Turkey is trying to prevent the Syrians from reaching its borders by using violence, and the international community remains silent.” 

Reporting by: Mir Yaqoub

Source: ARA News

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