92 ISIS militants killed in operations by Iraqi army in Anbar

A convoy for the Iraqi army forces is seen heading to the embattled city of Ramadi. File photo

ARA News

ERBIL Iraqi army forces launched heavy attacks on strongholds of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Anbar province on Friday, killing more than 90 ISIS militants, officials said. 

A statement by the Iraqi central command confirmed the death of 92 ISIS fighters in the Anbar raids. 

“The Iraqi army troops, backed by an air cover from the Iraqi air force, bombed key strongholds for Daesh terrorists in Anbar province,” the statement said, using an Arabic acronym for ISIS. 

“The terrorist group has suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment in the army attacks on Friday,” it said. 

Iraqi forces also launched an offensive on ISIS headquarters in the al-Qaem district near the Syrian border, killing scores of militants and destroying at least four ISIS vehicles there. 

Speaking to ARA News in Anbar, media activist Haidar al-Khaledi said that local sources leaked security information about ISIS movements in the province, enabling the army to conduct precise strikes on ISIS tactical units and weapons storage centres on Friday. 

“The pro-government local informants are a real asset for the army, as they provide accurate information about ISIS positions, which minimises the chance of having civilian casualties. The accuracy of any strike means maintaining the safety of civilians,” al-Khaledi said.  

Reporting by: Ali Issa

Source: ARA News

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