Scottish MP calls for more support for Syrian Kurds after Qamishli bombing


ARA News 

QAMISHLI – Scottish MP Natalie McGarry called on the UK Secretary State of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson to condemn the terror attack on the Syrian Kurdish city of Qamishli, which took place on Wednesday an killed 50 civilians, and urged more support for Syrian Kurds.

“The dangerous circumstances these people continue to face on a daily basis cannot be underestimated nor can their sacrifices in fighting Daesh [ISIS] on the frontlines,” she wrote in a letter to the UK FM.

The UK MP, who visited the city of Qamishli [Qamishlo in Kurdish] in the fall of 2015, praised the bravery of Kurdish women and men fighting ISIS. In the past, she visited the cemetery for Kurdish fighters killed in the war against ISIS, and spoke at a summit of leftist activists in Derik city of Qamishli countryside.

“Thoughts with all those in Rojava [Syrian Kurdish region] who are fighting Daesh on front line,” she said on the day of the attack.

“What this attack does expose is the lack of access to medical supplies, drugs, food, and resources in Rojava, in part caused by Turkey closing its border, Daesh to the South and West, and intermittent trade embargoes operated by the KRG [Iraqi Kurdish government],” McGarry said.

According to the MP, the lack of medical aid and supplies has already caused the death of many Syrians.

“I note the early response of the KRG has been to send some medical supplies over the crossing at Semalka, and respect that, but I would urge you to use all diplomatic powers to encourage the KRG to continue to allow aid to travel over the Tigris to reach the injured, and ensure further unnecessary deaths,” she said.

She called on the British government to support the Kurds in Syria with real tangible help and diplomatic support.

“The UK’s response of support for our neighbours in Europe in recent month has been honest, practical, and heartfelt. The people of Qamishlo might be further away, but they are a generous, welcoming and proud people who deserve the same support,” she said.

Natalie has travelled to the Kurdish areas of Syria, Turkey and Iraq, and has tried to bring the concerns of the Kurdish people to the UK Parliament. She was briefly questioned in late February by the Turkish police after visiting the Kurdish majority city of Diyarbakir.

Destroyed buildings seen after an ISIS car bomb attack hit the Syrian Kurdish city of Qamishli. Photo: ARA News

Residents of Qamishli searching for victims under the rubble after an ISIS-led deadly attack hit the Kurdish city. Photo: ARA News