Kurds, Arab tribes discuss federal system project in northern Syria


Arab tribal meeting northern Syria. Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

AMUDEThe Kurdish Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) is holding ongoing meetings with Arab tribes to discuss project of the federal system of Rojava in northern Syria, that is expected to be declared in one month. 

Members of the establishing committee for the federal system of Rojava and northern Syria, and TEV-DEM members held meetings in al-Hawl, in southern Hasakah with members from the Arab tribes to discuss and explain the social contract for the proposed federal system. 

“This project was first announced on 17 March this year during a meeting with representatives of all political parties and ethnic groups, aiming to unify Syrian territories and solve the crisis in the region, so we can call it northern Syrian’s revolution,”  Jahed Hassan, a member of TEV-DEM said.

Speaking to ARA News, Mansour Saloum, co-head of the constituent council for the federal system, said the goal is to convince people with their project as a solution for the ongoing instability in the region.

“Tel Abyad and al-Hawl are tribal regions, and that’s why those meetings are important to explain the principle of federalism for the people of those areas,” he said.

“We think it is the best time for such a project to be established since the tribes suffered a lot when ISIS was controlling their areas., Federalism will achieve the desired life for them,” he added. 

TEV-DEM member Hassan said that after the local administration “succeeded and got acceptance from the whole world”, federalism would be successful model not only in Rojava region, but all across Syria.

“We call on all tribes to join the councils being established in the tribal region which is a preliminary step towards federalism,” Mansour told ARA News.

“Everybody share their responsibility about security of their areas, and these councils will be for all the people. So for getting their rights they should do their duty [and join the security and local councils],” Mansour concluded.

Last week there was also a meeting between the tribes and the Manbij civilian council to discuss the future of Manbij city in northern Syria in the post-ISIS phase.

Reporting by: Jan Mohammad

Source: ARA News

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