Peshmerga forces bomb ISIS headquarters north of Mosul, killing and wounding dozens of militants

A Peshmerga fighter in Shingle district, northern Iraq. Photo: Pierre-yves Baillet/ARA News

ARA News

DUHOK At least 12 militants from the Islamic State (ISIS) were killed and over 20 others were wounded in renewed offensive by the Kurdish forces of the Peshmerga near Mosul city in northern Iraq, military sources reported on Wednesday. 

The Peshmerga forces launched an offensive against ISIS strongholds in the Bashiqa district in the northern countryside of Mosul, bombing ISIS positions with heavy artillery shells. 

“Our forces today bombed Daesh [ISIS] headquarters in the Omar Qabisa village in Bashiqa district [22km north of Mosul], killing and wounding dozens of terrorists,” Peshmerga officer Farad Mirani told ARA News.

“At keast 12 terrorists were killed, including the jihadi leader Abu Waqqas, and more than 20 others were wounded in the Peshmerga operation,” the Kurdish official said. 

The operation comes as the Kurdish Peshmerga troops, supported by the US-led coalition’s air forces, try to destroy ISIS military capabilities in the surroundings of Mosul, in preparation to storm the city of Mosul which is deemed the main bastion for ISIS in northern Iraq.

Reporting by: Eyaz Ciziri

Source: ARA News

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