Syrian army bombs Kurdish district, civilian casualties reported


Kurdish districts of Hasakah were exposed to heavy artillery shelling and airstrikes by the Syrian regime forces. (Activists)

ARA News

HASAKAH Syrian regime’s army forces launched an offensive on a Kurdish district in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah province, killing and wounding dozens of civilians, activists and eyewitnesses reported on Friday. 

Pro-regime forces have reportedly bombed the Aziziyah district in southern Hasakah with heavy artillery.

At least nine civilians were killed, including seven children, and 24 others wounded in the bombardment of the Kurdish-majority Aziziyah district. 

“The shelling targeted residential buildings in the district. Some of the injured are in critical conditions,” rights activist Ahmed Hussein told ARA News in Hasakah. 

“Local rescue teams and Kurdish Asayish forces continued searching for victims trapped under the rubble. The death toll may rise in the coming hours,” the source said. 

This comes amid growing tensions between Kurdish forces and pro-regime troops in Hasakah. 

On Thursday, Kurdish neighborhoods in Hasakah were exposed to heavy shelling and airstrikes by the regime forces. 

The Assad regime has used warplanes to bomb Hasakah for the first time on Thursday, according to local sources. At least five civilians were killed and dozens more wounded in the regime bombardment in the Kurdish-held Kalasseh and Mahatta neighborhoods, informed local sources old ARA News. 

Also, the city saw a wave of displacement among the people who tried to head to more stable areas in the province. This while many civilians remained stranded in Hasakah’s conflicted areas where clashes continued between the Kurdish Asayish forces and the pro-regime troops.

Reporting by: Qehreman Miste

Source: ARA News


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