German activists launch campaign to deliver medical aid to Rojava

Displaced Kurdish civilians from Kobane in northern Syria push toward a barbed wire fence at the Turkish border. File photo: John Stanmeyer

ARA News 

KOBANE – The Syrian Kurdish city of Kobane, renowned for resisting ISIS, has struggled to cope with a months-long medicine shortage. A German solidarity group has launched a crowd funding campaign to buy medicine for Kobane and Manbij.

“We are a German based group (with people from different countries) that started our Solidarity work back in 2015. Our goal at that time was, to supply a medical facility in Kobane with Solar panels. The idea was to take a first step, for an ecological decentralized and independent energy supply,” said Andreas Winkler, a spokesman for the AK Solarenergie Für Rojava.

The online campaign has so far collected 2,448 Euros. The campaign aims to collect over 20,000 Euros which will be used to procure and deliver medicine to northern Syria.

“As you know in recent months there was the campaign for the liberation of Manbij,” he said. “It was at that time when our friends in Rojava [Syria’s Kurdish region] told us how critical the situation in the hospitals is, and that there is an acute shortage of medicine there,” Winkler told ARA News. “This led us to the decision of starting a campaign in coordination with our friends in Kobane.” 

Doctors in Kobane had previously told ARA News that they were running out of critical medicines, needed to treat civilians. 

Kobane is not a unique case. Many other cities in northern Syria and Rojava are suffering from a lack of medicine due to an embargo from the neighbouring countries and Damascus. The Syrian regime refuses to allow medical aid to pass through Qamishli Airport. 

“Over the past few months, the Syrian regime and neighbouring countries have been preventing entry of medicines and children formula to Rojava [Syria’s Kurdish region],” head of the Kurdish Red Crescent, Dilgesh Issa, told ARA News in Qamishli. 

Last week, protests were held in front of the UNCHR Building in the city of Qamishli. The demonstrators demanded that the UN alleviate the medicine shortage in Rojava.

“Our people have been suffering the most under the current crisis, especially the lack of medicines caused by the ongoing embargo imposed on the Rojava region. That’s why we’ve been protesting to call on the UN to take action in this regard,” Dilma Ibrahim, a member of the Rojava Health Commission, told ARA News during the Qamishli protest.

“While helping and supporting the crowd funding is the most practical way people can support Rojava with medicine, it has no less of importance to raise awareness!” Winkler said, calling on people to raise awareness about the “difficulties that people resisting Daesh [ISIS] are facing,” he said.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg and Fatma Abdulhalim

Source: ARA News

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