Kurds support US-Russia ceasefire agreement in Syria

Redur Khalil, YPG official spokesman, speaking in a press conference in Qamishli. Photo: ARA News

ARA News 

ALEPPO – The General Command of the main Syrian Kurdish force, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), announced on Monday its full support to the US-Russian deal to achieve a ceasefire in Syria.

“We consider the Syria truce deal between the United States of America and Russia as a positive step, and we confirm to operate in the context of that agreement,” the YPG said in a statement.

“We are optimistic that with this deal we will be able to cooperate more effectively in the fight against the terror of Daesh (ISIS), also hoping it will prepare the base for a political transition to start according to the Security Council Resolution 2254. In that process, a new Syria to be built in which the rights of all Syrian components will be secured based on international laws,” the Kurdish leadership said. 

On Monday, the Russian defence ministry called on Syrian Islamists and FSA to stop fighting the Syrian Kurds and to help support an impending cessation of hostilities, adding it would continue air strikes against the Islamic State (ISIS) and the former Nusra Front.

“Reaching a permanent ceasefire and a sustainable solution in Syria requires all political parties, above all the Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava, to participate and take all appropriate steps for the process of the political transition,” the YPG said.

The Kurdish YPG leadership also stressed their readiness to endure and strengthen the struggle against terrorist groups in Syria, “to help bring an end to the continued suffering of all Syrians and to protect the people of areas that have been freed and those that will be liberated.”

“We believe protecting civilians will establish peace in the region and end Turkey’s occupation of Syrian soil,” the YPG concluded.

In the meanwhile, fighting between the Islamic State (ISIS) group and the Kurds continued. 

ISIS militants recently carried out several attacks on YPG positions in the vicinity of Kobane, in the villages of Qadiriye and Tel Osman near the Tishreen Dam, and near Shaddadi City in Hasakah Governorate. 

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg

Source: ARA News

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