US officials meet with Iraqi Kurds ahead of Mosul operation

US delegation meeting President Barzani and KRG officials in Erbil on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016. Photo: KRG

ARA News 

ERBIL  The President of Iraqi Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani received senior US officials to discuss the war against the Islamic State (ISIS) radical group and the upcoming battle for Mosul, officials said on Thursday.

The American delegation included US anti-ISIS envoy Brett McGurk, US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs Joseph Pennington, and US Deputy Secretary Antony Blinken. 

“The discussions in Erbil… encouraged unity in the Kurdistan Region. Those discussions are key for lasting defeat of Daesh [ISIS],” US anti-ISIS envoy Brett McGurk said.

The Kurdish president Masoud Barzani emphasized during the meeting that post-liberation management of Mosul is also of immense importance, reiterating his stance of meticulously planning for Mosul after its liberation from ISIS.

Barzani also thanked, on behalf of the Kurdish people, the United States government for their support for the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the battle against ISIS.

According to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) spokesman Safeen Dizayee, Thursday’s meeting was productive.

“Constructive talks…between US delegation and KRG,” he said on Twitter.

Source: ARA News

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