German police searching for refugee suspected of planning terror attack


German special police members walk near a mosque association property in Berlin. (Reuters)

German police named a 22-year-old Syrian on Saturday as the target of a manhunt in the eastern town of Chemnitz. According to the police, the suspect is likely wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and is “suspected of preparing a bomb attack.”

Police in the state of Saxony issued a search warrant for Jaber Albakr, saying he was born in Syria in January 1994. The police also carried out a raid on an apartment in the eastern city of Chemnitz but they turned up nothing.

Police raided the apartment after receiving information from Germany’s domestic intelligence agency on Friday night about the alleged attack plans, Saxony police spokesman Tom Bernhardt told reporters.

Neighbors reported hearing an explosion, but that was the police assault team blowing open the apartment’s door, police spokeswoman Kathlen Zink told The Associated Press.

She said police found nobody in the apartment, adding that they are now searching for the suspect. “The investigation is continuing,” she added.

Germany has been on edge since this summer, when two Islamic State attacks injured multiple people. Two other attacks, unrelated to Islamic extremism, occurred around the same time, contributing to residents’ fears.



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