Islamic State arrests dozens of people for torching their headquarters in Mosul


Militants of the Islamic State (ISIS). File photo

ARA News

Mosul – Islamic State (ISIS) militants arrested on Wednesday dozens of men in Iraq’s Mosul city. The extremist group accused the unfortunate men of attacking one of its security headquarters

This comes just one day after an anonymous group attacked the offices of the ISIS-led Islamic Police, also known as Diwan al-Hisba, in central Mosul.

“The main Hisba headquarters in Wadi Hajar District of Mosul was attacked and burned by an anonymous group. ISIS subsequently arrested more than 25 people suspected of participating in the attack,” local media activist Abdullah al-Malla told ARA News.

ISIS militants have reportedly broken into civilian houses in the Hammam al-Alil, al-Areej, Wadi Hajar and al-Mansoura neighborhoods in search of those responsible for the attack. “The arrestees, including young men and the elderly, were taken to the Mosul Detention Centre for interrogation,” al-Malla reported.

This week’s attack coincided with ongoing military operations by the Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi troops against ISIS in the vicinity of Mosul. Mosul is the group’s de facto capital in Iraq and one of its few remaining bastions. 

“The burning of the Hisba headquarters caused a state of confusion in ISIS ranks, as the attack was carried out by a local cell,” Raafat al-Zarari, the head of Nineveh Media Centre, told ARA News.  

Al-Zarari said that attack indicates that “the anti-ISIS activists inside the city of Mosul have started to hit the group from the inside as the US-backed Kurdish and Iraqi forces continue combating the group in Mosul’s suburbs.”

Reporting by: Raman Yousef | Source: ARA News 


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